Make Joomla Article Titles H1 and H2 Tags for SEO

Posted on: 03 Jan 2012

The article titles on your Joomla website are probably not optimized to their full potential. More specifically, they aren’t H1 tags on the article pages and H2 tags on the category, section, and home pages. They also don’t have title attributes in the href links on the category, section and home pages. These header tags […]

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CSS3 Text Shadows

Posted on: 22 Aug 2011

Text Shadow… pretty! OK, that was a little extreme. But seriously, text shadow can be sexy, and it’s really easy. So stop using images for text in your banners and call-to-actions! The CSS3 text-shadow property shouldn’t be overused, but it allows web designers and developers an excellent alternative to using text, with shadows, as images […]

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Using the Photoshop Pen Tool to create a Selection & Remove a Background

Posted on: 05 May 2010

In this tutorial, I’ll demonstrate a great way to create a selection around an object to remove backgrounds, other objects, etc using the Photoshop Pen Tool. I remember when I was new to Photoshop, selections and cropping, and then I remember how cool it was when I learned the Pen Tool and Quick Mask. I’m […]