SEO that targets your audience, not algorithms.

It’s no great secret that search engine algorithms are constantly evolving. Searchers demand the highest quality and most relevant websites to their search queries in milliseconds. However, your customers aren’t machines which is why your search engine optimization strategy can’t target algorithms. Your SEO efforts have to evolve if your business is to thrive in today’s search marketing landscape.

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

Though the nuts and bolts of SEO have changed dramatically over the last decade, search engine optimization, or search marketing, is the method of intentionally growing a website’s organic search engine visibility.

SEO used to cover a very narrow range of ranking factors which could be easily manipulated to almost guarantee the coveted top search engine rankings with very little effort. Modern search optimization covers hundreds of complex metrics to ensure that websites with content that provides the greatest value and customer experience secures the top spots.

Why is SEO so important?

You can have the greatest product, the most customer-centric company, and the slickest website in the world, but it means nothing if your audience can’t find it. Your customers are more savvy than ever. If your website isn’t in the first handful of results for their query, you’ll lose their business to a competitor that saw the importance of search engine optimization months ago.

When done correctly, optimizing your site will improve your organic search visibility. This results in a flood of new customers to your website which leads to greater revenue generation for your business. However, if you take shortcuts or follow shady schemes to climb to the top of the search engine rankings quickly, you’re gambling your business’s longevity for short term gains.

Our SEO code of ethics

Many agencies, marketers, and departments claim to provide expert SEO services which makes it difficult for you to find a legitimate SEO company that can back up their promises. At Decisive Design, we hold ourselves to a high moral and ethical standard so the rankings you gain by using our strategies don’t vanish overnight or result in a penalty.

We don’t guarantee rankings.

Anyone that promises you a specific search ranking by a certain date is either lying to you or they’re using shady pump-and-dump tactics. Ranking well organically doesn’t happen overnight. If you’re promised you high search engine rankings overnight, you’ll probably lose them overnight as well.

We target people, not algorithms.

Algorithms change. Your audience doesn’t. By directly marketing to your target audience’s wants and needs, we create a sustainable inbound traffic stream that lasts. Your organic traffic will be unaffected by any future algorithm shake up.

We use white hat, future proof tactics.

We don’t exploit loopholes or double down on fleeting search marketing trends. Great SEO is the foundation on which your business’s online presence is built. If you take shortcuts to rush construction or outsource to the lowest bidder, that foundation is going to break.

Our Approach to Search Engine Optimization

  • Discovery: All keywords are not created equal and some are more valuable to your business than others. We’ll research and identify high value keywords to target in order to get you the biggest bang for your buck.
  • Site Audit: Sometimes your existing search optimization efforts can be handicapping your site’s search rankings. We’ll perform an exhaustive audit of your online presence to identify areas for improvement for quick, early gains.
  • Strategy: We’ll tailor your search marketing initiative to work in concert with your long term goals to expand your search presence in the direction you want your business to grow.
  • Implementation: We can do all the heavy lifting and execute the search marketing plan for you or work with your staff to coordinate the marketing efforts.
  • Tracking: We are nerds about data. A proper initiative isn’t complete without regular reporting and analysis deep dives to measure and quantify our efforts.
  • Adjust: We don’t beat our heads against brick walls forever. If we find that our tactics or the targeted keywords aren’t getting the expected traction, we’ll pivot to approach it from a different angle.

Why Choose Decisive Design?

Decisive Design has been a growing SEO company in Dallas for the past 11 years. We owe our success to our customer first approach to search marketing because if your business doesn’t grow, we don’t grow. It’s our passion to grow your business.

Many of our competitors are only concerned about the KPIs in their contract and not how they tie into your business plan or growth path. However, your business is more than a handful of metrics. Our SEO experts work closely with you to cultivate a marketing plan that not only helps your company climb the search rankings, but also improves your visibility for the organic search terms that matter to your company.

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