JSAV Freelance Invoicing

Development, Web

JSAV, an international audiovisual company, came to us with an interesting problem. They use a large amount of freelance/contract labor for much of their work, and invoicing was a nightmare.

Even when they tried to standardize an Excel invoice to calculate time, etc, for freelancers, the payroll department would receive numerous incorrect invoices and personal invoices that did not match the standard or contain the proper information.

Our solution was a simple, one page invoice submission website that requires all form fields to be filled out, forces the user to select the specific division they worked for, does all regular and overtime calculations based on rate, and emails the proper supervisor, department, and freelancers upon submission.

It's a fast, simple solution that has drastically reduced the number of incorrect and non-standard invoices coming in. The project has now expanded to 4 regional division offices and 29 hotels.

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