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Noxxu offers a unique, subscription based luxury sports car driving experience that allows the user to pay a monthly fee to attend various events sponsored by the company where they can turn in their accrued points and get behind the wheel of their dream machines on a safe, closed road course.

In another unique twist, Noxxu also offers an incentive program that allows its members to earn cash by referring other users via a multi-level marketing setup.

The client approached us looking for a sustainable, cost-effective solution that would allow the main website to handle both standard subscription purchases and also track and support the multi-level marketing (MLM) setup.

We were able to use the Wordpress platform for the entire project and delivered a trendy, functional solution that met Noxxu's budget and will support them as they grow. The template and MLM plugin(s) underwent considerable customization throughout the process to reach the desired functionality of the site.

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