Piano Movers of Texas

Development, Marketing, Web

Piano Movers of Texas had been running Google AdWords for three years and got in touch with us after following their Google AdWords Rep's directions wasn't getting them an appropriate return for the money they were spending. (Thousands of dollars a month for a handful of mediocre leads.)

After an extensive audit of their account, we immediately recognized a huge potential for growth that was being smothered by wasteful spending and haphazard targeting from following poor recommendations. We took a scorched Earth approach and overhauled their efforts by pausing all non-performing keywords & ad variations, implemented an exhaustive negative keyword list to reduce wasteful spending, reined in their schedule to only show their ads during performing hours, and narrowed their targeting to only variations of previously converting keywords.

By doing this, we reduced their average monthly spend by 56%, increased conversions by 103%, reduced cost per conversion by 78%, and increased conversion rate by 3,753%. Seriously, 0.62% to 23.29%. Do the math. We aren't joking.