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Vaporescence is one of the first and original e-cigarette and eLiquid companies here in Texas and has several lines of their own, very popular eLiquid.

In October of 2015, a new law went into effect that barred vape companies from selling to anyone under the age of 18. This includes online, which posed a huge problem for the client and other vape shops. So, they approached Decisive Design with the task of finding a solution to age verification and creating them a new, easy to manage website.

Our solution utilizes the Shopify eCommerce platform for general product management and sales. We installed, configured, and customized multiple community-developed Shopify plugins, but there wasn't anything out there that did true age verification. To solve this problem, we built a custom plugin that requests the required user details, sends it to a third party national database for age verification, and responds with a simple pass or fail. Depending on the response, we then either allow the user to check out or prompt them to call us to try to resolve the issue.

Since launch, the website has seen above-industry-average conversion rates and we are managing ongoing paid and organic marketing efforts for the client!

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